PTSA Summer Scholarship Student Experiences 



Spencer Frye
Music, Class of 2026
Over the 2023 summer break, I attended the University of North Texas’ Jazz Program for one week. The program included full days of workshop style classes, free time to jam, and an ensemble concert on the last day. The program benefitted me because I was able to work closely with UNT faculty and visiting teachers and really elevate my jazz drum kit practice techniques. It also gave me a greater appreciation for jazz styles. The Summer Scholarship almost totally covered the cost of the program for which I am grateful.


Sarah Todd
Dance, Class of 2026
The PTSA Summer Scholarship gave me the opportunity to go to the Joffrey Summer Intensive. I chose this program because of the variety of classes including pointe, Horton, street jazz and more. The variety of classes helped me be more open, comfortable and better at different styles. I'm thankful to the PTSA for the opportunity.


Brooklyn Biddle
Dance, Class of 2025
This summer I attended the UNCSA Contemporary Dance month-long intensive. The program was amazing and I was so thankful to have had the opportunity. While I was there I got the chance to work with multiple different choreographers in different genres and from all over the country both in the educational world and professional world. I moved in on the first day of the program not knowing anyone and left with some of the best friends I have ever known. I would recommend UNCS to any other BTW dancers looking for a college campus program that builds you as a dancer and a person. With classes all day, rehearsals, pilates, master classes, all on a beautiful campus and amazing facilities, UNCS was the best. Thank you again for this scholarship opportunity. 


Tallulah Buss
Theatre, Class of 2025
The arts program I attended this summer was Dallas Young Artists, putting on the musical production BrightStar. I decided to do this intensive because not only were other students from BTW doing it, but also because I knew I woudl grow from the experience. Dallas Young Artists not only helped me grow as a performer, but also furthered many of my friendships and gave me many new connections I deeply cherish. DYA also has all the high school students within the production intern, giving the opportunity to mentor kids in middle school. I am beyond thankful for this opportunity. Thank you so much PTSA.


Dance, Class of 2025
This summer I had the opportunity to attend a one-week acting summer intensive at the Dallas Young Actors Studio. Since I always attend dance intensives during the summer, this year I figured I would give acting a try. At the program, I was able to work with some fantastic and talented students. During the intensive, we got to write, direct, and act. Plus, we got to go off-script most of the day and practice some improv which was surprisingly similar to dance improv. I got to learn a lot about the different moving parts of the acting/production studio “world.” On the final day, we got to have a screening of all the work we rehearsed and recorded for our families. This intensive definitely met all my expectations and I felt as though I learned so many beneficial things about this industry.

Zara Stone

Dance, Class of 2026

Before I knew it, on June 25, 2023, I was moving into my dorm in the Rose Building to spend my summer at the School of American Ballet in New York City. The following five weeks I would spend there would be a magical experience. For ever-changing my perspective on the ballet world.
Studying the Balanchine style, for which SAB is so famously known, from some of the best teachers in the ballet world. Having the opportunity to take classes from the amazing staff and guest teachers. Forever grateful to have learned from Darla Hoover, Aesha Ash, Katrina Killian, Meagan Mann, Susan Pilarre, Allen Peiffer, Suki Schorer, Andrew Scordato, and many more. Furthermore, not only did my time spent at SAB’s summer intensive further my stylist abilities by learning the Balanchine style, but also significantly improved my technique. From the intensive training of taking two to five hours of classes on pointe six days a week to the insightful corrections teachers gave. Along with taking courses such as adagio (partnering), pilates, and contemporary weekly. Overall, it was a wonderful, life-changing experience I would never forget. Taking all I have learned within those five weeks for the rest of my dancing career and personal life. I will forever be grateful and appreciative of my time at the School of American Ballet summer intensive.


Hannah Winton
Dance, Class of 2024
I attended the University of Oklahoma's Summer Dance Intensive for two weeks. The rigorous training that I received at OU placed an emphasis on shaping a more well-rounded dancer, gave me the opportunity to experience dance at a university level, and introduced me to master instructors and choreographers like Katlyn Addison and Peter Chu. With college on the horizon, attending a dance intensive at OU allowed me a quick glance into college living. I am immensely grateful for the PTSA and its steadfast support for dancers in their journeys and expanding their education over the summer.


Jack Honeyman
Theatre, Class of 2025
Over the summer I used my scholarship for vocal lessons with Rachel Martin. I've worked with her during previous summers, and each time I've had improvement. She works with me on moving smoothly between my head and chest voice in the same piece as well as vocal range. As a person who is far better at straight plays and acting, compared to musical theater, these lessons expand my abilities and help me keep up and have more confidence when playing roles in musicals. 


Macie Krause
Dance, Class of 2025

I attended the Dance Awards in Las Vegas. I had so much fun taking from so many teachers in many different styles. I feel as though I grew so much in the week I was there, in new, and old styles. Alongside all of the amazing classes I took, I also had multiple audition experiences I got to attend. One of which was an audition with representatives from some of the most prestigious schools for dance in the US, as well as Canada. Auditioning in front of them was a great learning experience, as well as the in depth conversation with each of them about what their school has to offer, what they look for in dancers, and much more. I feel as though I gained auditioning skills as well as insight into how I should be preparing and looking into colleges. Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity to do what I love. I grew not only as a dancer, but as a human, and I am so grateful.


Kate Lowry
Music, Class of 2025

I’d like to thank the BTWHSPVA PTSA for the scholarship to help me go to Berklee College of Music Five-Week Aspire program. Five-Week is a music intensive that prepares you for college. The program is designed to sharpen your musical abilities and highlight your strengths as a musician. At Berklee, I was in an ensemble playing music with kids from all over the world. Some classes I took were Music Theory, Musicianship, Reading Lab, Songwriting, Bass Line Construction, Bass History, and a rock music webinar. I performed in a couple open jams through the program. I performed a song with a band I formed there. I participated in a singer/songwriter open mic with my roommate.

I also made some wonderful friends at the program. I met kids from all over the world and got to reconnect with them another year. Berklee is an urban campus; so, I could walk with my friends anywhere. I got to experience the college life being away from home and having my own schedule. I gained a lot of responsibility and learned a lot being so independent. Having to manage my own schedule taught me a lot. Thank you again to the PTSA for the scholarship. Berklee is high on my choices for colleges.


Margot Herridge
Dance, Class of 2025
Over the summer break, I attended New Century Dance Project's one-week choreography intensive in Santa Fe. During my time there, I got to explore new ideas of how to choreograph and expand how my brain views on dance. I enjoyed this program's wide variety of classes, for example, choreography lab, concepts, and rep. Each class took a completely different approach to choreography and how to find your self-exploration through movement. Along with choreography labs, they offered multiple technique classes that helped improve my cleanliness, artistry, and focus. This intensive allowed me to let go of my insecurities and self-doubts because every teacher offered much support and encouragement. It was incredible how many inspiring teachers I had the chance to work with, like Jim Vincent, YushaMarie Sorzano, Francisco Gella, Courtney Henry, and so many more. Not only were the teachers supportive, but all the students also gave me a warm and welcoming environment where I wasn't afraid of the judgments of my peers. I felt free to express new ideas of movement.  Along with taking this incredible intensive, I also got the chance to perform Friday night and then watch the other performance that was held on Saturday night. Each piece that was performed was completely different and it was inspiring to watch so many new voices. The experience of this program is something I'll never forget; I left this intensive with a new perspective on taking classes and full of new ideas I can't wait to share. I appreciate this summer scholarship that contributed to my growth as a dancer and a human. Thank you so much for this opportunity.  


Viviana Rivera Santiago
Dance, Class of 2025
I trained at the DanceUp Dallas summer intensive. This experience where I was able to train further in the dance techniques I study at BTW, receive personal and individual instruction, and connect with dancers from BTW and around DFW was invaluable. I learned so much and improved as a dancer a tremendous amount thanks to this opportunity. I believe it was instrumental in preparing me for my junior year. Thank you so much for the support I received from the PTSA that made this possible. 


Allyson Penn
Dance, Class of 2026
I used the PTSA Summer Scholarship to go to my summer dance intensive at Hubbard Street Dance in Chicago. I was there for three weeks and got to take classes from the company members and director of the company. I got to learn rep from their show. I am so grateful to have this experience. I learned so many new things that I am excited to take into the school year. Many thanks to the PTSA for providing this incredible opportunity.  


Music, Class of 2025
Over the past summer I attended the Meadowmount School of Music in Westport, New York. It is a seven-week program where young musicians develop their musical technique, take lessons with world class teachers, and meet other young artists that share a passion for music. This was my second time at Meadowmount and it was just as rewarding as the first year. I practiced five hours a day with lessons once a week and made more progress than the past school year. I also learned a new instrument, which gives me many opportunities as a musician. I would not have been able to have this incredible experience without the help of the PTSA Summer Scholarship.


Eleanor Storm
Dance, Class of 2025
I got to attend the summer dance intensive at the University of Oklahoma. I grew so much as a dancer and got to meet so many amazing and influential teachers during my time. This was the first intensive I've attended outside of my studio, and the scholarship made the cost so much more manageable for my family. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to attend the intensive, and the knowledge I gained there will continue to benefit me as I move forward into my senior year and then college.


Dance, Class of 2025

Due to the generosity of the PTSA’s Summer Scholarship, I was able to experience The Ailey School’s five-week summer intensive. Last Summer, I was fortunate enough to attend the three-week intensive and loved it so much I decided to return the following year. I chose this program due to the inspiration, technique, and fun I experienced during the duration of the intensive last year. Outside of dancing in the amazing studios, I was able to see ABT’s Giselle, go to a Yankees game on the Fourth of July, meet spectacular dancers from all over the world, and explore all of New York! 

Even though it has been a short period since I completed the Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive, I acquired more drive and passion for my craft. I was able to fully connect to my ‘Horton’ roots and also gain a connection to other genres of dance. Previously, I limited myself to a Modern box. However, going to this summer intensive helped me find enjoyment in other styles such as Graham, Broadway-style Jazz, and West African. With the help of the Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive, I was taught to fully inspect my own body. I gained a sense of awareness of what I need to work on and what I excel at. I am grateful to have a school that encourages and aids the growth of my dance career. Thank you for your love and support.


Tatiana Gonzalez
Theatre, Class of 2026
My time at the Southeastern Summer Theatre Institute was the most rewarding month of my life. I made great friends within the world of technical theatre and I learned skills that have helped me in school already within the first 2 weeks. I really appreciate the PTSA’s commitment to helping with the cost of my summer program so I could focus on my artistic experience instead of the logistics behind it. While I was there, I took classes in all aspects of technical theatre including sound, lights, stage management, carpentry, props, set design, and costumes. At the end of the session, we even had a “acting for technicians” workshop where we played acting games and learned a musical theatre dance combination. I learned a lot from wonderful instructors and I gained a lot of valuable knowledge that will help me prepare for college and beyond. Thanks to the PTSA, my 4 weeks at SSTI were the most fun and fulfilling weeks I’ve ever spent away from home.


Evan Graeme

Music, Class of 2025
I enrolled in the Chinese summer school program at Dallas College in order to fulfill my foreign language credits for high school. Since BTW doesn't offer Chinese/Mandarin, I wanted to find a way to take it and continue to learn Chinese since I had been learning it since middle school. The class was online/asynchronous through the Dallas College system. I had previously tried to take it during the school year but found it difficult to balance six AP classes and college-level dual credit during the school year. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take the class during the summer.




Emma Johnson
My name is Emma Johnson, I have just completed grade 10 in the 2020-2021 school year, and I am in the dance conservatory. The program that I selected was the American Ballet Theater Summer Intensive. I chose this program because I knew it would be a great way to get exposure to more dancers currently working in dance and teachers who I might not otherwise get the opportunity to work with. I enjoyed my program, and I am so glad that I chose to attend. This program benefitted me personally because I was able to grow with my training and explore a part of the dance world that I am normally not as involved in. One of my goals this summer was to attend multiple summer programs because I was limited last year due to COVID. This scholarship helped me financially to be able to add to my resume and gain more knowledge in dance (specifically ballet), as I head into my junior year.


Hannah Winton
Over the 2021 summer break, I attended Boston Ballet School’s five week summer dance program. I was drawn towards and ultimately decided to take part in this specific program because of its intense ballet-focused training, its location, and the program's wonderful staff and guest teachers. During my time in Boston, I not only got the opportunity to improve in my technique and artistry, but I got to meet many talented dancers from all over the world! While it was difficult to stay far away from home for a long period of time, the Boston Ballet School truly became my second home, and I developed a further understanding on how to live on my own. The life skills and discipline this program taught me has allowed me to evolve and take on life in a new perspective.


Nevertheless, the scholarship that I received helped me and my parents cover the additional costs of the Boston Ballet summer intensive, including pointe shoes, airfare and more. Even though I love going to ballet intensives, they are costly, and my parents don’t love to pay the expenses. The extra money helped reduce the burden of spending very large amounts of money on this incredible dance program. I am so appreciative for the extra help that this scholarship has given me to support my growth as a dancer and a person. Overall, this summer scholarship contributed to my life-changing experience in Boston this summer, and I am forever grateful for this wonderful opportunity.


Henley Sewell
I used my scholarship to attend a jewelry class and a studio class. Both were extremely beneficial and enjoyable. During my jewelry class I was taught how to saw, solder, create beaded chains, and set stone. I have never taken a jewelry class before and this was extremely informative. During my studio class I received materials and useful critique on an art project. PTSA Summer Scholarships helped me gain experience with jewelry which I will be taking this school year and work on an important art project. Thank you for this opportunity.

Bianca Lopez
I selected the Dallas Black Intensive because it offered an incredible variety of styles and educators. I absolutely loved attending the intensive. Personally, I feel like I learned a lot that I am now able to carry into every dance class I am in. For instance, one class offered was ‘Horton’ which is a type of modern, and in the class I learned a lot of basics of the style that I can now take into every modern class I take. Overall, the PTSA Summer Scholarship will leave a lasting impact on my growth as a dancer because with the Scholarship I was able to attend the Dallas Black Intensive!

Gracie Wakefield
My name is Gracie Wakefield, and I want to thank the PTSA for allowing me to take an amazing music production class with Grammy award-winning producer Mike Mangini. I was able to further my music production knowledge and learn every skill that I need to be able to produce my own music. I will carry these skills with me, and I am grateful for the experience this scholarship gave me.

Ria Marsh
PTSA Summer Scholarship program has allowed my summer to be filled with excitement and opportunities. Gvmusicstudio focused on working on my vocals, concentrating on my range and additionally focused on shaping my vowels and breath support. I really enjoyed training with George Variames. The overall program was for me to work with a vocal coach, to develop my voice talent and work with a music studio to record a CD. To record the CD, I chose to work with Audio Forever. Michael Lederer works in a studio and it has allowed me to experience how a professional recording studio operates, and explore how instruments and vocals are brought together. Without the PTSA Scholarship, I would have not had the opportunity to record and CD. Thank you!

Makaylee Wooldridge
I gained so much knowledge and experience attending the SoulEscape Company Intensive this summer. I spent 4 weeks working with some of the best humans and mentors I have ever met. The first three weeks we spent as a company workshopping, taking class, and preparing for a show, while also bonding and learning as people. The fourth week we were joined by the summer intensive participants and I took on a brand new role. I went from a student to a mentor for younger dancers and was able to share what I had worked on for the past three weeks with them. I achieved not only amazing dance knowledge but so much knowledge about myself as a human. Thank you for supporting me in allowing me to grow as a dancer and a person, I am forever grateful for this experience.

Makenna Wooldridge
I decided to do Soul Escape, which is a dance intensive because it was going to be a great way for me to not only grow as a dancer but grow as a person. I enjoyed my program choice so much, it was one of the best experiences I have ever been a part of. This program/intensive benefited me in many ways, I now know my worth as a dancer and I found my patience as a person. This PTSA Summer Scholarship helped me achieve my goals tremendously and allowed me to do what I love which is dance in a different environment to learn and grow from.

Ella Williams
This summer I went to the New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble Dance School to attend MIP2, which stands for Movement Invention 2. I chose this program because I felt like it would challenge me and guide me towards my end goal as a dancer. This program gave me experiences that no other program offers and I came out of it feeling more prepared for where my future in dance lies. Also the students, teachers and director were all so welcoming and made me feel at home even when I walked in knowing no one. To me, this welcoming environment was so special to be a part of because it gave me the opportunity to explore and discover new things about myself as not only a dancer but also as a human being.


The PTSA Summer Scholarship helped me achieve some of my goals by providing me with the opportunity of attending such an informative program. As a dancer, there are so many different amazing opportunities to choose from in your future, and as a sophomore, my time till college is only getting closer. I have been looking for the guidance of people who have a lot of knowledge and a good understanding of how this dance world works, and at MIP2 I was given the chance to talk to these kinds of people. I am super thankful for the PTSA Summer Scholarship I was given and I am extremely grateful I was able to attend MIP2.

Aiden Valentine
I am Aiden Valentine, an 11th grader in the music conservatory. The arts program I attended was the Texas State University NEXUS musical theatre camp. I chose this camp because it is one of the colleges that I am looking to apply to, as a junior I am starting to look and tour colleges and Texas State University is on my list. I absolutely loved the experience, from the instructors to all of the activities. The NEXUS camp helped me tremendously with many things, one being mental health. Mental health is extremely important to me, especially in the arts when you have to constantly be present and move on from the past. NEXUS also helped me break out of many bad habits while singing and acting. The PTSA scholarship helped in many ways, without it I probably would not have been able to participate due to COVID and other financial obligations. Thank you PTSA!

Diyaa Dossani
This summer, I chose to take voice lessons with my summer scholarship opportunity. I worked with Ashley Traughber from UNT. She helped me work on technique, learn new musical theatre songs, and polish practice skills. I selected this program because keeping my voice sharp is important to me as a person and as an actor. Any opportunity I will get to work on my voice, I will take it. I enjoyed my program choice; Ashley was a wonderful teacher and taught me a lot of things I will use in the future. This program benefitted me personally because I was able to do one-on-one work with a vocal coach and get personalized feedback. The summer scholarship helped me fulfill my goal of working on my voice and keeping my skills sharp. I’m thankful for the opportunity I was given by the PTSA to use this scholarship, and I’m thankful for all that I gained from this program.

Stephanie Shirley
The summer program I chose to go to was Columbia University’s High school summer immersion program where I completed Filmmaking with an iPad or iPhone course. I’ve always been interested in film and after two years of not making films I decided that I wanted to get back into it in order for me to pursue a career in the film industry. I was looking into different colleges that I was interested in attending to see the options they had for high school students, and I got an email from Columbia promoting their high school immersion program. I was debating between taking Intro to film or filmmaking with an iPad or iPhone, but I wanted to push myself and learn how to be resourceful with what tools I have available to me, especially since film equipment is very expensive.


The PTSA helped cover the deposit needed for the program. Unfortunately due to COVIDI was unable to go to New York to really experience Columbia, so I was limited to my bedroom and zoom. Despite this setback I found the program extremely enriching and though I was tired from doing extra classes all summer I truly enjoyed it. It was beneficial to hear from different professionals in the industry such as Directors, writers, editors, and actors because it allowed me to have a real conversation with those who know the job the best, and it gave me more insight into what I was wanting to pursue. I was motivated to go out and just try my best because I would find myself wanting to make a film but being nervous due to my insecurities with myself. I was extremely proud to direct, edit, write, and act in my own short film using the different things I learned in class and using some of my old film knowledge.

Menlie Knight
I chose to attend The Dash Academy intensive, ran by Gregory Dolbashian and Lindsay Pettus. I chose this program because Greg and Lindsay are very focused on the improvement of their students and their futures in dance. I really enjoyed this intensive and will definitely be attending it again! I feel that Dash really helped me improve in the way I think about dance (the artistry of it) and the way I move in my personal style, as well as expanding on my style. Dash has helped me and will continue to help me reach my goals by Greg and Lindsay always pushing me past my limits and making me feel welcomed. Another way I feel this intensive has helped me to achieve my goal is the connections Greg and Lindsay have brought my way. I am extremely thankful to be able to attend this intensive and definitely hope to attend again!!

Preston Rossi
This summer I attended a musical theatre Broadway one month intensive camp in New York, under the Institution of Musical Theatre (IAMT). Not only did I have a lot of fun, but by the end of it, I noticed a significant level of increase in my dancing skills. For the month, I lived by myself in a dorm with fellow dancers, and got to know people from all over the country, and some from out of the country. The skills I accumulated at camp proved quite useful when auditioning for Mamma Mia. I felt that I was able to pick up dances much easier than I would have before. Our daily schedule was very long. We left the dorms by 9, then had classes from 10-1, an hour lunch break, and continued classes until 4:40 every day, except Sunday.



2020 PTSA Summer Scholarship Student Experiences


Jude Baremore
This summer I attended the virtual Stagedoor Manor session and it was amazing. I had won the playwriting contest that is held there annually, and was able to work with a resident dramaturge, who helped me develop my play into a full virtual production. I also got the chance to star in a virtual show, and work with a production team online.

Haley Bogdon
Thank you for the scholarship to apply to the costs of the Prodigy Master and Ballet Intensives this past summer. I gained exposure to many wonderful choreographers who allowed me to get feedback on my technique and attempt new styles of dance. The ballet intensive was particularly challenging, and I really enjoyed getting to learn a new variation and get critiques from the master teachers. These intensives were a wonderful opportunity and I really enjoyed getting to participate. Thank you again for your support in allowing me to further my dance education over the summer.

Anna Cremers
I have applied for and received a scholarship from the PTSA every year since my freshmen year. Each summer, it was comforting to know that I could travel and participate in different dance intensives all across the country while my parents didn't have to worry about paying full price on everything. During the summer of 2020, this scholarship meant even more than it did those previous years. While I could not travel to programs and had to stay home for virtual dance intensives, being able to continue practicing my craft helped my physical and mental state during a summer of social distancing and quarantining. The unpredictability that COVID-19 caused meant that saving money was very important for staying safe and being able to buy necessary items. Because the summer of 2020 was the summer before my senior year, I could not afford to pause my dance training. Receiving a PTSA scholarship would mean that I could continue doing what I love and money would not be as much of a deciding factor in whether or not I could participate in summer programs. Pursuing a passion is something, I believe, that should not be limited due to financial reasons. Realistically, money is going to be a large contributing factor, so having the opportunity to receive a PTSA scholarship only helps further one's progress in reaching their goals.

Alexis Hawkins
I learned so much from the Hubbard Street and the Juilliard Virtual Summer Dance Intensives this past summer. Both intensives allowed me to grow as an artist through ballet, modern, improvisation, and repertory classes. The teachers gave every student personalized feedback, helped us develop and refine our dance technique, and guided us in the process of developing our unique movement styles. During both intensives, the other students in the zoom call were passionate about dance just like me which helped me push past my comfort zone and work even harder to improve my dance technique. I am so excited to have had the opportunity to experience these two amazing intensives because I was really able to enhance my understanding of dance and movement.


Emma Johnson
I attended the Pre-Professional Dancer Institute. It was supposed to be in Albuquerque, NM, but because of COVID-19 it was all virtual. This experience was very eye-opening. I gained a better understanding what it is like for dancers after high school. I was able to take from people who are currently thriving in the dance industry (either in college or helping people get to college). I attended many seminars and received lots of information regarding my career and what I need to do to be prepared for life after graduation. I took class in styles like ballet, modern, and jazz. I was also able to improve my technique in styles that I don’t get to practice everyday including musical theater and pilates. My favorite part was the solo critique session. I showed the faculty my solo and they gave me live feedback that I could improve upon for the rest of the year. I am so glad that I was able to attend the Pre-Professional Dancer Institute!

Mekinna Knight
Not only was the DASH Academy Bridge Program more immersive than I could have ever imagined, but I learned and grew and made some of the most wonderful relationships with staple artists in the dance industry. The intensive included dance classes including modern, jazz, contemporary, yoga/Pilates and mindfulness practices as well as several seminars with people who have already walked in the footsteps we hope to soon follow in. There was also a surprise mentorship program which was so cool as we were paired with a counterpart that is currently active in the dance world, only to further our growth in our own individual styles. I feel I strengthened my technique, my mental awareness, my psychological mind, and my movement quality all in a short one week intensive, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more amazing.

Ria Marsh
This summer, I took an online dance class to work on my flexibility and technique. It was a great class, we learned a lot of combinations that would strengthen my body. We also did a lot of warm ups that focused specifically on flexibility and isolation. I also took online voice lessons this summer and I really feel like I have extended my vocal range. I got trained on proper technique on how to shape my vowels and how to have better breath control. In those three months, I have seen very bi improvement in my singing. I appreciate that I've had these opportunities.

Courtney McColley
The TDC summer intensive was an amazing experience and a great way to keep up my training this summer. One of the benefits of it being virtual was that we were able to take class from so many more teachers and choreographers from all over the country and world, that we otherwise would have missed out on. My favorite class was with Thayne Jasperson, who was a member of the original “Hamilton” cast on Broadway and taught us some choreography from the show. I feel like overall this intensive really helped me to grow in my technique as well as my artistry as a dancer and gave me multiple resources to help me prepare for my future after high school.


Nora Ordinario
I took the Parsons Fashion Design camp this summer and it was very effective! This camp made me more inspired to work on creating new looks with fabric and really motivated me to want to study Fashion Design in college. I learned the correct steps into creating a line of fashion. This intensive pushed me to become my best creative self. Even though it was over zoom, the other students - that were from around the states and even from Canada - taught me to stay true to myself. Before this intensive, I wasn’t sure if I wanted a career in fashion, but after I am certain that’s my life-long goal!

Preston Rossi
The film program I was in this summer was very beneficial for me because I learned lots of new things that I can apply to my acting skills. I enjoyed getting to perform in front of the camera for a live audience, and learning how to manipulate our cameras so we can create special features that make things seem different than they are.

Stephanie Shirley
My time working with the Vision Project has truly been a blessing. With the whole COVID situation, it was hard to find consistent training, especially since I was no longer affiliated with a studio. When I had found out my old hip hop teacher, Robert Slim Hernandez and his friend Kaili Bright were starting the vision project, I was ecstatic. Even though I was taking their class on zoom while most were going back to the studio, the quality of the training didn’t change. In the past 3 months I have grown so much in hip hop, and have gotten back on track with dance after being injured for a year and a half.

Gracie Wakefield
Hello, my name is Gracie Wakefield and I recently did a program called the Music Mastermind Program with Melissa Mulligans Vocal Studio. This program allowed me to do so many things that I never thought I’d learn how to do. Before I began, I was struggling to write music with my acoustic guitar. I was not producing or releasing them, two things I never thought that I’d do. Now, after this amazing course, I am writing, producing and releasing my very own music. I have now been able to work with multiple amazing producers to learn Logic Pro X and put in and program some amazing songs. I have also been able to work with songwriting coaches to improve my lyric writing skills and take my music to the next level. I also got to meet with some mindset coaches who really helped me boost my confidence and feel more comfortable sharing my music with people that I may not know. It is amazing to have seen myself grow in so many ways, and I never thought I’d fall in love with my own music this much. Being in the theatre conservatory, I will say musical theatre is my number one passion. Ever since I was little, I knew that I wanted to perform on stage. Now that I have done this program, I have noticed a huge jump in my self confidence and now, I will be able to do more of the things that I love. Like put out my own music and do a Broadway musical! I have made so many close friends and I feel so accomplished with myself and I everything that I have learned. I hope that I can continue to grow and soon release my first single that will compose and complete entirely by myself. This program helped shape my future and I don’t know where I would go without having had this amazing opportunity. I just want to thank the BTW PTSA for allowing me this scholarship to participate in this amazing program.

Program Update 

The Summer Scholarship application is now closed. We'll open the 2024-25 program in the spring of 2025. Please email with any questions.