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The purposes of the National PTA, Texas PTA, and the PTSA of Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts is promoted through advocacy and education in collaboration with parents, families, teachers, educators, students, and the public; developed through conferences, committees, projects, and programs; and governed and qualified by the basic principles and policies outlined in the Bylaws.


Mission: Every Child. One Voice.

PTA's mission is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.



  • Collaboration: We will work in partnership with a wide array of individuals and organizations to broaden and enhance our ability to serve and advocate for all children and families.

  • Commitment: We are dedicated to children's educational success, health, and well-being through strong family and community engagement while remaining accountable to the principles upon which our association was founded.

  • Diversity: We acknowledge the potential of everyone without regard, including but not limited to: age, culture, economic status, educational background, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, legal status, marital status, mental ability, national origin, organizational position, parental status, physical ability, political philosophy, race, religion, sexual orientation, and work experience.

  • Respect: We value the individual contributions of members, employees, volunteers, and partners as we work collaboratively to achieve our association's goals.

  • Accountability: All members, employees, volunteers, and partners have a shared responsibility to align their efforts toward the achievement of our association's strategic initiatives.

This important work benefits all Pegasi students, faculty, and families. The PTSA works diligently to ensure the Booker T. Washington HSPVA PTSA accurately reflects what the school stands for. Join the PTSA in supporting this meaningful work! Submit an interest form, and we will get you connected!


The Texas PTA has recognized the BTW PTSA with the Snappy Increase Award and the Shining Star Award for recruiting more than 100% of our previous year's membership and achieving good standing! In October we welcomed our 1000th member. We are doing incredible things for our students and staff, and your PTSA leaders are showing a commitment to excellence running the BTW PTSA. Thank you parents, guardians, students, faculty, and supporters!




Your 2023-24 PTSA board and committee chairs are listed below. Use our online form to contact an officer or chair or email btwhspvaptsa@gmail.com with any questions or comments.


2023-24 PTSA Executive Board


President: Patricia Mojica, Class of 2025, Dance
1st VP: Rhonda Thompson, Class of 2025, Theatre

2nd VP Fundraising: Leah Mora, Class of 2027, Theatre
3rd VP Communications: Ann Romine, Class of 2025, Visual Arts
4th VP Membership: Karmin Lane, Class of 2025, Visual Arts
5th VP Community & Programs: Aaron Moore, Class of 2027, Theatre
Secretary: Beverly Cox, Class of 2027, Music
Treasurer: Kristin Schuck, Class of 2024 and 2026, Theatre

Parliamentarian: Jodi Carlton, Class of 2026, Visual Arts 


Committee Chairs


Arts in Education Chair: Sabrina McKnight, Class of 2025, Dance

Class of 2024 Committee Chair: Rachel Winton, Class of 2024, Dance

Class of 2025 Committee Chair: Dina Warshauer, Class of 2025, Dance

Class of 2026 Committee Chair: Amy Marcuis, Class of 2026, Theatre

Class of 2027 Committee Chair: Sandy Duhe, Class of 2027, Theatre

Faculty Advocacy Chair: Alicia Schortgen, Class of 2026, Theatre

Family Engagement Chair: Magally Lopez, Class of 2027, Dance

Family Engagement Sub-Committee Chair for STEAM: Daphne Wu

Hospitality Chair: Jennifer Duffy, Class of 2027, Visual Arts

Membership Chair: Amy Buehler, Class of 2025, Theatre

Parent Education Chair: Brandi Cline, Class of 2026, Theatre

Special Committee Chair: Dana Vilardi, Class of 2024, Theatre

Summer Scholarship Chair: Kelly Martin, Class of 2025, Visual Arts



Committee chairs are appointed by the president. If you are interested in serving as a committee chair, please let us know. And even if you don't want to lead a committee, let us know your interests and skills.


Want to know more?

2024-25 Slate


At the April 2024 general membership meeting, the membership approved the following slate, as presented by the nominating committee:

  • Patricia Mojica - President
  • Rhonda Thompson - First VP
  • Leah Mora - VP Fundraising
  • Amy Marcuis - VP Communications
  • Ann Romine - VP Membership
  • Aaron Moore - VP Community & Programs
  • Mariah Little - Treasurer
  • Beverly Cox - Secretary

Thank you to the nominating commitee: Committee Chair Adam Mora and committee members Christina Hurd, Leah Mora, Larry Thompson, and Jamal Wilson. Thank you to Parliamentarian Jodi Carlton for guiding and overseeing this vital process.


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